Innovative Mobile App Eskivo Allows Gamers Access To Eight Challenging Games In One

Free App for Android and iPhone offers a variety of aeronautics-inspired games to keep players engaged.

NATIONWIDE, 25th of November, 2015 — When Eskivo developer Joshua decided to launch  his aeronautics-inspired app, he decided to do more than develop one game — but eight games within the same app. The games are based on the Fighter Pilot EYE/Reconnaissance Professional test, but the aeronautics were used to create innovative versions of football, tennis, golf, basketball, bowling, and pool.

“One of the challenges with most apps, is that players tire of the game after a while,” said Amanda, from Marketing of Eskivo, “By offering a selection of eight fun and challenging games, gamers never get bored.”

The Eskivo app allows gamers a free download to either their Android, iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In-app purchases allow gamers to unlock all eight courts, or gamers can play pool for free. The app records the individual gamer’s gaming statistics, and also provides access to the “Top 10” players from around the globe with a real-time leader board.

“One thing many apps lack, is the high score feature that was so popular in old school arcade games. The difference with our Top 10 leader board, is that it includes players from around the globe.”
Each court looks like the real thing, but with a few fun and challenging obstacles that you won’t find in real-life. Unlike playing live, each of Eskivo’s games are played solo. Most players tend to have 2 or 3 games they frequent, while others set a goal to master one game at a time.

To learn more about the Eskivo app, and to view their selection of aeronautic-inspired mobile games head over to

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