Motorola Digital Tattoo - Mobile Unlock Tattoo

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Motorola on Tuesday declared the launch of the digital tattoo technique of identification for its Moto X smartphone, a tattoo sticker made out of "super thin" material that unlocks the smartphone while not typing any passwords or drawing any patters.

The tattoo made by VivaLnk inc. and Google's Advanced projects and tech team, the $9.99 NFC- operated digital tattoo is spherical and nickel-size, that sticking to the human skin with the help of an adhesive material and lasts for 5 days. The adhesive material is intended to tackle activities like showering, swimming and jogging.

The users would easily have to tap the Motorola Moto X's back side to the digital tattoo and unlock the smartphone. the entire method takes place over NFC connectivity.

Moto X users can purchase Digital Tattoo from VivaLnk's web site. we hope VivaLnk inc and Google to come up with similar product for major Android smartphones shortly.

"It's another step in making it easier to unlock your phone on the go and keep your personal information safe. An average user takes 2.3 seconds to unlock their phone and does this about 39 times a day-a process that some people find so inconvenient that they do not lock their phones at all. Using NFC technology, digital tattoos make it faster to safely unlock your phone anywhere without having to enter a password," said by the Motorola blog post.