Points2Shop- Get Real Money and free Gifts for completing free offers

Hello Friends!
I wanted to take the time to tell you a little about the site that I have been participating in lately. The name of the site is Points2Shop. This isn't a 'Get Free Things' site. In fact, nothing in life is free. However, this is a site that you can use to EARN things that you would otherwise have to pay for.
I know, you're probably thinking 'How is that possible!' well, it's possible because advertisers place their links on the points2shop website. Then members like myself go and complete the offers that we are interested in. When I do an offer, points2shop gets paid for bringing me to that advertisers website. When points2shop gets paid, they give me a portion of that payment so that I can then get things from Amazon.com.
If you need to know more information you can check their forums where members post the things that they have received for earning points on the points2shop website here
How Points2Shop works? 
             Points2shop works with different advertisers. They give points2shop their banners, and their links. Points2shop then has members who are interested in that offer that uses the offer. When that offer is used, points2shop gets paid for sending the customer to that website. When points2shop gets paid, we pay a big portion of that back to the member who completed the offer. 
This makes for a happy relationship between everyone. The advertiser receives the members that they want, points2shop receives the funds to keep points2shop up and running, and then gives a portion of that money to the member. 
Points2shop isn't a site that you get 'free' things from. Points2shop is a site that you earn things from. You are spending your time on the site, and receiving a gift in return.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and I hope to see you earning points soon!