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Recently Registered and Logged user status code for wapka

ANURAJ - February 24, 2014
Recently registered and log in users statue code may display status of most recently registered and logging user details at a preferred place. See Demo below:


Recently Logged Anuraj
Recently Registered

How to add Recently Registered and Log in users status code on Wapka?

 >> Login your wapka account admin mode
 >> Go to ::Edit site::
 >> Select WML/XHTML code & Past below code on text area and click on Submit Button

Recently Registered and Logged user status code
<div class="d" align="center"><table border="1" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="5" width="100%">
<th>Recently Logged</th>
<td width="20%">Recently Registered</td><td>:stats-lastreg-01-link:</td>
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