Chitika ad serving network

Hi friends this post shows about Chitika Ad serving network. 

Chitika is a text ad serving network like Google Ad Sense. With a Chitika ad serving account webmasters can earn good income from her website or blog by adding the JAVA script on affordable place of their website or blog. The main feature of Chitika ad serving network is users can get easily account approval than Ad Sense. So it help full for Ad Sense banned users to earn money from here website. And Referral program facility feature also enabled. When any users sign up on Chitika via your referral link you get 10 % of their revenue for 1st 10 months. 

Example: If you have 1 referral and he/she earn 100$ on 1st month you get 100$/10=10$ commission on that month. 

2 Types of cash out facility available on Chitika
  1. Via PayPal (Minimum cash out 10$ or more)
  2. Via Check (Minimum cash out 50$ or more)

3 Types of Ad unit options available on Chitika
  • Text Ad unit
         Text Ad unit shows text ads related to your contend so click rate is very high.
  • List Unit Ad unit
List Unit Ad gives clean user experience using free white space on your website.
  • Mobile Ad unit
Mobile Ads used in mobile websites to ensure all mobile devices show ads clearly and get more clicks. 

The earning reports updates once in 24 hours so today's earning details shows on the next day. 

Main Features of Chitika ad serving network
  • Easy account approval
  • 3 types of ad units
  • Customise ads matching with your template 
  • Referral program system
  • Cash out via PayPal or Check
  • Text Ads, List Unit Ads, Mobile Unit Ads

Placing Chitika Ads inside your blog post give more clicks and revenue. To see how to add Chitika ads inside blog post in BlogSpot see our previous post ‘How to add Chitika ads inside blogger blog posts?’

To see example of Chitika ads See right side of this blog.