How to add Mouse Sparkle effect on your blogger/wapka website ?

Mouse Sparkler effect is a cool and awesome mouse effect. When user move mouse pink color spark come out from the mouse point. To see demo move your mouse on this page. To add this effect on your website read below information's. 

Here is the mouse sparkler JAVA code

*Note: Don't edit or remove any part of this code* 

To add this on your wapka website. Login to your wapka account admin mode

Then add this  code on -1 or -2 hidden page. see below image
To go to -1 or -2 page 

Then type -1 or -2 on text area then click jump button

Lastly select ::Edit Site:: and go to wml/xhtml code paste above code and click Submit button. Enjoy it!

To add this on Blogger Login to your Blogger account then select layout

Then click 'Add Gadget' Link

Select HTML/JAVA Script widget

Leave title text box blank. Paste above link on text area and click Save Button.

Sparkle mouse effect added successfully on your blog. Enjoy it!


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