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How to create and activate Google Webmasters Tools for your wapka website?

Google webmaster services help you to make your website more visible on Google Search results. It informs you about your site performance, speed, indexed pages on Google, Malware on your site, etc. by notifications. This notification helps you to improve your site performance and get more visible on Search results. Webmaster tools also check your Robot text files, Keywords, and total backlink to your site. Also it reports all errors on your site.

How to create Google Webmaster Tools? 

Click on Sign in to Webmasters Tools button

Insert your E-mail ID and Password if you have already one and Click Sign in button. If you are new to Google create a new account with Google by clicking on Sign UP button.

Insert your website address on input field and click on ADD Site button

Next step ‘How to verify webmaster tools for your Wapka website
Choose Alternate method to verify your website

Then select HTML tag
Your Google verification Meta tag generated

Copy this Meta verification tag and login to your Wapka site as admin mode

Click on ::Edit Site:: link

Choose Global Settings

 Select HEAD tags
Paste Meta verification tags on text area then click on Set button

Go back to Google webmasters tool and click on verify button

You are done, now you can find a Verification successfully completed notification

Then continue to webmaster Tools

Video Tutorial

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